Hallmark Moments

One of the benefits of having a 13-year-old daughter and a sentimental husband is hearing them watch Hallmark movies together. When I hear “O Dad, they’re about to kiss!” or “It’s not over yet. They haven’t smooched yet”, I beam in the anticipated moment of universal joy and widespread optimism. I also realize these items are what our Popes Museum Farm family wants to provide for our brides and grooms: Joy and Optimism with a sprinkling of enthusiastic laughter.

Since 1894 Popes Museum has been the choice for couples to begin their lives together. Because of this legacy, our family knows that The right venue strengthens connections to the past and creates ties of hope for the future. Three strategic steps help us live out this mission.

#Familyiseverything – Lived out at Popes Museum Farm, we endeavor to create an atmosphere where people are the precedence. For example, this means that serving the mother of the bride in a wheelchair is a priority. It means making sure the great-grandparents have escorts to their car in the pouring down rain. It means seamlessly rearranging the wedding plans when the pandemic hits the bridal party the week before the wedding. The result is that families relax knowing that this is their moment to add to the family legacy.

# Laughmore – Your wedding is your celebration, not a comparison with Jones’s wedding. While Pinterest and dream boards are tools for developing styles, Popes Museum is a unique venue for your unique wedding. It is your time to have the time of your life! Whether it is family flash dances or unexpected kids’ karaoke, joy-filled moments are what you will remember. Popes Museum Farm’s atmosphere focuses on you, not the venue.

#Servewithexcellence Our brand is what people say about us after the wedding. While a tour and interview may result in a contract, it is the service over the entire event that creates the brand. That is why all of our family members love it when we read reviews like:

Last month our client shared that she felt like watching her daughter get married here was like watching a Hallmark moment. Despite the turbulence of 2020, the wedding was everything they dreamed it would be for her daughter and son-in-law. Her family laughed and loved their way throughout the entire celebration. Just like in the movies, my daughter especially loved it when the groom gave the bride that famous Hallmark kiss.