Why You Should Consider a Sunday Wedding

Sunday weddings are often overlooked, but they could be the perfect fit for you. There are several reasons Sunday weddings are gaining in popularity.

Sunday weddings are perfect for those who want a relaxed atmosphere as they walk down the aisle.

Think about it: You get the whole weekend with your family and friends. Often, guests will plan to arrive on the Friday of your wedding weekend, so having a Sunday wedding means you have Friday evening and Saturday for gatherings, rehearsal dinners, pre-wedding celebrations and more!  (Can you envision sleepover in the bridal cottage or glass of wine with friends under the Little Dipper?)

Our onsite housing and convenient distance to Thomasville enable your wedding and reception to be a weekend getaway for your friends and family.

Ideas for Your Sunday wedding that are exactly right for you and your guests.

– Lean into that relaxed afternoon vibe. Envision yourself with guests mingling and enjoying a drink, or a stunning garden party with a live quartet and lawn games while the music plays.

– Keep it simple (affordable too!) with food stations where guests can choose from small bites like sushi or mini burgers, or a signature drink wall where guests can grab a cocktail as they socialize. Mobile bars that work with Pope’s Museum can make this easily accommodating for you and your guests.

Utilize our garden vignettes to create photo opportunities with our stunning native hydrangea bushes, water feature, or distinctive architecture.

-Keep the focus on celebrating and connecting with friends and family by placing the focus on relationships, not a checklist of receptions ‘to-dos.  Surrounding yourselves with people you love, and who love you, will remain with you long after everyone is gone. A relaxed Sunday wedding can help create that atmosphere. 

We know the day of the week is an important factor when considering your options for hosting your wedding. The atmosphere of each day will influence how your guests feel and act, and how you feel as well.  

Let’s talk about what atmosphere you envision for your wedding celebration. Call us at 229-307-0037 or call/text me personally at 850-459-9620.  Michelle Dean